Where is the RELC Hotel in Singapore?

Question by zhihanglow123: Where is the RELC Hotel in Singapore?
I’m going to Singapore in July and am staying in the RELC Hotel there.

Where is it located?

Is it near Orchard Road? 10-minute walk or something?

How far is it from the International Airport to the RELC Hotel?

Thanks! =D

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Answer by Cakebread
Next to Singapore Shnagrila.

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  1. Kingston D

    Its located next to Shangri-la Hotel in Singapore.

    Its located at Orange Grove Rd.

    Yep, it about 10-15 min walk from Tanglin Rd/Orchard Rd.

    Its approx 20-25 min taxi ride from Changi International Airport for Singapore. You can also take bus 36 directly to Orchard Rd and alight @ Delfi Orchard and walk from there.

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