Tourist Destinations In La Fortuna

Although it looks like a small town situated in the Northern part of Costa Rica, La Fortuna is a great tourist destination, because of its nearby attractions. The most famous is the Arenal Volcano which measures 1633 meters in height. The reason the Arenal Volcano is famous is because of its constant eruptions, which are an amazing natural view for travelers in search of a thrilling experience.

The Arenal Volcano is capable of erupting about forty times per day, and this is why many scientists and tourists come here to see it in all its glory. The volcano is situated within short driving distance from La Fortuna and is easily accessible from town. Once you enter the national park that hosts the volcano, you will be enthralled by other sites as well. From the park you can truly enjoy amazing views of Lake Arenal and Cloud Forest. The best time of the day to see the eruptions is the evening when the lava spectacle looks really out of this world. Check ahead to see if it will be cloudy because it will mar your experience if you want to watch the glorious volcano.

The park administrative staff offers organized tours for tourists that usually take place in the afternoon. One stop is usually made at El Mirador which is the most exciting place to be if you want to watch the eruptions. Here is a piece of advice: as the climate can get quite chilly do not forget to take a jacket with you. These tours are very interesting since some include dinner and admission to a spa. Of course, you can pass on the frills and take the straightforward tour if you want to keep your expenses to a minimum.

Another attraction that is easily accessible from La Fortuna is the nearby waterfall. The scenery is wonderful and if you want to swim it is possible to do so. The waterfall is located within short driving distance from the town and is accessible by car. The admission fee is quite cheap, at only$ 10, and you can spend your entire day at the waterfall if you choose.

If you travel a little further west from the Arenal Volcano you will soon reach Lake Arenal. The area is really beautiful and you can enjoy the views as much as you like while traveling around the lake. If you want to enjoy a beautiful view of the lake you can do so by booking a trip over the nearby dam. Take a short trip to El Castillo, a little village which is not far away from La Fortuna, and you will be able to see the volcano and the surroundings without actually entering the national park. The lake is very beautiful and it allows for many fun activities, such as wind surfing, boating, or fishing.

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