One thought on “The Link – New Majestic Hotel Part1

  1. Hanlisted C

    Nowadays, boutique hotels are gaining attention as more and more people are
    getting more travel-savvy aiming to get the best experience possible. In
    the subject of experience which is before dominated only by the luxury
    hotels, boutique hotels presents a new and fresh accommodation experience.
    But what distinguishes a boutique hotel from a luxury hotel? Boutique
    Hotels are all about: “A Different Kind of Experience”.

    Boutique hotels give an overall feel when you first walk in. Like Unlisted
    Collection ‘s New Majestic Hotel Singapore in Singapore. Every room has its
    own special features. Lifestyle Fluid is a fully carpeted minimalist take
    on a 1970’s James Bond pad with futuristic lines and a bed sunken into the
    floor.Room features a glass-encased bath dividing the bed and the bathroom
    areas. Other rooms feature installations by local artists.

    Get to know more about these kinds of boutique hotels at

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