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Overview of Singapore Permanent Residence Schemes

The population of Singapore reached to 5 million in year 2009. Almost one tenth of the population comprises permanent residents. There are thousands of people who become Singapore residents but they don’t undergo the same process. The Singaporean permanent residence application can be applied to the whole family done by the applicant himself, his spouse and then his unmarried children below 21 years old. An average of 36,000 foreigners from diverse cultures received stable residence yearly over the past 10 years.

In the last two decades, Singapore experienced low birth rate. This is one of the factors that led to the escalation in Singapore’s population growth in the last twenty years as well as the need to improve human capital. You will definitely enjoy lots of benefits and rights as a permanent resident in Singapore. The right to live without any restriction, freedom to buy unlimited property, public schooling for your kids, etc. can be attained as a function of your residency. Two-year military services for males are required once they reached the age of 18.

In line with this, below are four major permanent residence schemes for foreign professionals and investors who want to immigrate to Singapore.

Professional, Technical Personnel and Skilled Worker Scheme
This is the mostly used scheme for permanent residence in Singapore. It enables foreign professionals to work in Singapore under an Employment Pass, Entrepreneur Pass or EntrePass and Skilled Worker Pass to apply for permanent residence.
Global Investor Program Scheme
This scheme was launched by Singapore Economic Development Board and Ministry of Manpower. This is a program for foreign individuals and entrepreneurs who are very much eager to invest in or create new business activities in Singapore, and in the long run, obtain Singapore permanent residence. Family of the investors can legally live in Singapore as well.
Landed Permanent Residence Scheme
This kind of scheme allows foreigners outside of Singapore with a good academic or professional background to apply for Singapore permanent residence.  If you are excellent in your field, your chances of passing would be huge.
Foreign Artistic Talent Scheme
This was launched by the National Arts Council and Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore to be able to catch the attention of foreign artists with excellent talents to immigrate to Singapore. These artists should have had formal training and a well established reputation for their field. These field include  photography, dance music, theater, fine art, literature and film.
These are the things you need to know to obtain permanent Singapore residence. A lot of people are now aiming to have a permanent residence, so if you’re one of them this guide might help you significantly.

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