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Boater’s Bliss: Hotels Near Toronto Harbour

The Harbour is one of the most unique locations in downtown Toronto. The Harbourfront Centre has a variety of entertainment options and attractions, from sailing and boat rentals to restaurants and shopping. You can even see live performances along the Toronto Harbour including concerts, dance performances, and even theater productions.
Perhaps you would like to take out a boat for the day, or maybe you simply like the idea of staying in a hotel that has gorgeous views of the water. Not only does this location provide you with interesting views, but it also puts you within close proximity to many attractions.
Greater Toronto area hotels offer you the advantage of being able to take advantage of some of the best that Toronto has to offer. If youve never been to Toronto before then youre in for a treat! A range of activities and attractions await you and you could spend weeks exploring the many museums, galleries, shopping centers, and entertainment venues. On the other hand, for those seasoned Toronto visitors, most people agree that they discover something new about the city each time they visit.
Hotels near the Toronto Harbour will put you close to some of the most interesting attractions in the city. Charter boats, tours, and visiting ships can be viewed at the marina while the Toronto Music Garden hosts outdoor performances throughout the year,
Toronto Harbour hotels also offer easy access for those wishing to take a romantic dinner cruise, sightsee along the waterfront, or even just go for a stroll along the waters edge.
Whether you are in town for a business meeting, an event, to visit a local college or university, or simply for a weekend away you will certainly enjoy staying near the Harbour. There are lots to see and explore in this area and youll definitely appreciate being close to some of the most fascinating restaurants, shops, and entertainment options in downtown Toronto.

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Kumarakom Resorts ? Haven near Bird Sanctuary

“Mystery clouds your form/ Ecstasy keeps us warm” – These are the starting lines of a poem written by a tourist on Kerala. So much enchanted by Kerala, he became a poet. Kerala awakes poetry in everyone with its exquisite beauty but most of them are at fail for words. Kerala is situated in the Malabar Coast of southwestern India. It lures millions to its fold with its attractions that are rich, colorful and diverse.

Kumarakom is a prime destination in Kerala which has scores of tourists visiting it. Kumarakom is a small village situated sixteen kilometers away from Kottayam. It is blessed with all the beauties of a backwater village. Backwater is a unique Kerala phenomenon. It is a complex network formed by canals and inlets which are both manmade and natural, estuaries of over forty rivers and five lakes. The backwater and its shores make for exquisite setting and its fame is spread far and wide. In Kumarakom, backwaters are formed by Meenachil river and Vembanad lake. The shores of Kumarakom backwaters are adorned by attractive monuments, swaying coconut trees, emerald mangrove forests and lush green paddy fields, fishing nets and various activities of human life like ducks being herded, toddy tappers tapping the coconut tree, fishermen throwing their nets etc. The backwaters are embellished by water flowers especially water lilies. Seduced by this enchanting landscape there are a high number of visitors to Kumarakom.

Catering to this flow many resorts have come up in Kumarakom. Resorts in Kumarakom offer high class accommodation facilities and quality service round the clock. The rooms provided are comfortable, luxurious and spacious. The design is that of an elegant taste. They also provide all modern amenities with a chance to savor the local feel. Kumarakom resorts have successfully bridged the urban rural divide. The staff of the resorts encounters guests with a warm smile with all the warmth and hospitality to boot. They listen to guests with politeness and attentively. The demands of guests are met to maximum possible extent. There is high quality restaurants adjoined to these resorts. They serve delicious menus of various cuisines including the indigenous variety with local fish.

The famous Kumarakom bird sanctuary is also a prominent attraction of Kumarakom. It is spread over fourteen acres and it was established due to preservation efforts by government. Many migratory birds including Siberian Crane frequent the sanctuary. Kumarakom Travel Guide will guide in relishing the various inmates of the sanctuary. Kumarakom is a favorite destination of nature lovers also because of this.

To cater to the tourists who travel on an economic purse, budget hotels have also come up in Kumarakom. They offer excellent facilities and service for a reasonable budget.

Kumarakom resorts also run Ayurveda treatment spas and yoga centers adjoined to them. Reputation of Kerala hotels as providing credible ayurveda treatment makes for a beeline.

The resorts also rent out facilities to business segment to hold conferences, meetings and training programmes. A chance to savor the exquisite landscape makes for high attendance.

Kumarakom resorts arrange for boating, yachting and fishing facilities. Cruises on houseboats which are the hot items of backwater tourism are also arranged by resorts. Houseboats are remodeled on erstwhile “Kettuvallams“ without compromising on the luxury requirements of modern tourist keeping the traditional design and milieu intact.


Raj Mehta is an eminent analyst and writer in Travel & Tourism related topics. He has authored may books on tour guide Kumarakom hotel and Kumarakom Resorts. http://kumarakomhotelsresorts.com/kumarakom-backwater-resort.html

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Are Korean Town, little Tokyo and Thai Town all close to Chinatown near Olvera street, LA?

Question by 菲歌: Are Korean Town, little Tokyo and Thai Town all close to Chinatown near Olvera street, LA?
What about Little India and Little Saigon? Are they close to Chinatown too? Is one day enought for sightseeing in all those places?

Is Queen Mary in Long Beach? Where is Walt Disney Concert Hall? If I take 720 from downtown, what scenic spots it will take me to? Again, is one day enough? I guess Santa Monica Pier alone will take one day? Thanks a lot.:)

Best answer:

Answer by Lee
The only places that are close to what you mentioned is Chinatown, Olvera Street, and the Disney concert Hall, which is in the center of Downtown. The others are blocks away from each other on the Eastern end. Thai town is in East Hollywood, not far by car. Really nothing much to see there, but there are a lot of great little authentic thai restaurants around there. Cheap too.

The Queen Mary is in long Beach. Not far from the Village, lot’s of shops and restaurants. All of these places are time consuming. Do them at different times, or you’ll spend all of your time in traffic.

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