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Hotels In Little India Singapore

Would you like to look around through countless shops filled with fascinating merchandise along the hotels in Little India Singapore? Little India Singapore weaves an aromatic path through one of the busiest areas in Singapore to offer the culture of a wonderful vacation in a place with an Indian ambience. A stroll down Serangoon Road, its main artery lined with a pleiad of Indian shops and restaurants, is something that shouldn’t be missed. It feels like entering a completely new world.

No trip to Little India is complete without an all-night shopping spree at the 24-hour emporium, Mustafa Centre, based at the corner of Serangoon and Syed Alwi Roads. Don’t be fooled by its inconspicuous exterior because this giant department store is a veritable treasure trove of household knick-knacks, decorative items, foods both packaged and fresh, Indian spices, a great exhibit of apparel and textiles, electronic items along with other ubiquitous buys, all at some of the lowest fixed prices in Singapore. Mustafa Centre is where discount shopping on almost everything under the sun is available 24 hours a day. The plush rooms in Mustafa Centre, secured by a key card system, await you at the end of an inspiring day of buying and entertainment or power packed business meetings.

Little India, which reflects the character of the Tamil community, offers an additional sensuous, vibrant lifestyle. Occupying a beautifully restored shophouse along Perak Road, Perak Hotel (formerly Perak Lodge) is perfectly placed in a conservation area, a popular place of interest with abundance of character and charm. There is a dining room where daily breakfast is served and the sunny courtyard is the right oasis after a days outing. All rooms of Ambassador Hotel are on the upper floor of a row of beautifully restored traditional Singaporean shophouses. It offers a collection of 25 cozy, elegantly decorated rooms fitted with all the novel amenities to bring you an enjoyable stay.

All the rooms are set in pre-war shophouses, with intricate carvings and motifs, and displaying contemporary facilities, pleasing both to the business as well as the leisure traveler. Thus while they do not serve breakfast in-house, you can enjoy a wide variety of food, at most reasonable prices, all round the hotels. The coffee house at the hotel offers an impressive range of regional specialties, semi-buffet menus and an extensive a la carte meal. The banquet room caters to meetings, seminars, informal parties and wedding receptions.

Other hotels in Little India Singapore include Hotel 81-Selegie which is conveniently located near the landmark Peace Centre and just minutes on foot from the Little India MRT. Rates at some Fragrance Hotels include complimentary breakfast, which partially explains the difference in prices. Look at a Singapore transit map before booking at a specific Fragrance Hotel; it’s best to book hotels within easy walking distance of Singapore’s well-connected and easy-to-use transit system.

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Bunc Radius Little India Hotel – Singapore

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the best hotel to stay with family: the broadway and Santa Grand in Little india or park royal?

Question by madhu: the best hotel to stay with family: the broadway and Santa Grand in Little india or park royal?
where to stay in singapore with family: The broadway, the Santa Grand or Park royal Kitchener?

Best answer:

Answer by Alessandro
I suggest Santa Grand. Give a look here to book the hotel: http://luxury.booking.com/index.en-gb.html?aid=334365;label=luxuryleibsite;sid=2df5b2c3fac52bda5cf2cb491584f1f8

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Are Korean Town, little Tokyo and Thai Town all close to Chinatown near Olvera street, LA?

Question by 菲歌: Are Korean Town, little Tokyo and Thai Town all close to Chinatown near Olvera street, LA?
What about Little India and Little Saigon? Are they close to Chinatown too? Is one day enought for sightseeing in all those places?

Is Queen Mary in Long Beach? Where is Walt Disney Concert Hall? If I take 720 from downtown, what scenic spots it will take me to? Again, is one day enough? I guess Santa Monica Pier alone will take one day? Thanks a lot.:)

Best answer:

Answer by Lee
The only places that are close to what you mentioned is Chinatown, Olvera Street, and the Disney concert Hall, which is in the center of Downtown. The others are blocks away from each other on the Eastern end. Thai town is in East Hollywood, not far by car. Really nothing much to see there, but there are a lot of great little authentic thai restaurants around there. Cheap too.

The Queen Mary is in long Beach. Not far from the Village, lot’s of shops and restaurants. All of these places are time consuming. Do them at different times, or you’ll spend all of your time in traffic.

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