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Provence and Lavender

“France is romantic just because it has Provence” this is a wisdom of French famous poet Romain Rolland .Provence is a beautiful place with blue and clear sky and the air is so fresh just like the iced lemonade. The famous thing of Provence is lavenders which bloom in July to August every year. If you visit there in this time, you will see that all the hills and valleys are covered by purple lavenders just like wearing a purple coat. The lavenders are waving in the wind and the scent of flowers is mixed with the smell of grass that is the best scenery of south French.

Lavender is considered as a holy herb which is of magic. You can see lots of lavenders everywhere in Provence, all over the mountains and plains, undulated in the breeze like the sea wave. With the rural scenery and shining sunlight, that makes up a picture just like a purple dream.

Everyone who has been to Provence will never forget the unique wind of Mediterranean Sea which always happens in a peaceful day with suddenly a big and strange sound just like something explodes. The trees nearby sway fiercely in the wind with the air full of dust, but the wind will disappear in several hours. Everything will be peaceful again with the sunshine warm and the air fresh that you will even suspect that the scene which you saw a moment ago is just a dream.

Provence was a province of Rome Empire many years ago. In that period all the south France was the field of Provence. After the downfall of Rome, Provence was ruled by other countries .It was also been partitioned by the France Empire and Rome Pope. For the above reasons, Provence has many big changes in its history. At the end of 18th century, France was divided into five provinces and Provence is one of them. In 1960′, Provence was divided into 22 districts, so it is known as Provence-Alps district now.

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