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BC Cat Skiing Popular Attractions – Island Lake Lodge Catskiing

Geographically, BC Canada stands out as the perfect destination for practicing skiing and snowboarding. The province welcomes avid winter sports fans with huge surface areas of picturesque mountain ranges, abundant precipitation brought on by the Pacific Ocean, and fresh glacial air coming from further up north. This perfect mix of favorable conditions ensures a deep snow pack from winter months until late spring, which attracts throngs of skiers and boarders from all over the world to the area.

At present, BC cat skiing and heliskiing account for a staggering 95% of the world’s respective market, a virtually insurmountable record that has remained unthreatened for many years. BC cat skiing can be practiced at over fifty quality backcountry operations scattered throughout the region, with most single daily snow cat skiing trips costing around $ 350 per day. Judging by these reasons, there really is no wonder that snow BC cat skiing enjoys such popularity with both intermediate and expert skiers and boarders.

Snow cat skiing stands for a special type of skiing designed for convenience and increased accessibility, as each vehicle can transport up to 12 passengers at once to untouched slopes hidden in wild and vast mountain territory. Apart from allowing large groups of skiers to explore and try out otherwise unreachable skiing terrain, snow cat skiing also has the major advantage of being unconstrained by weather. Regardless of meteorological conditions, as long as the snow on the slopes is practicable, cat skiing operators will make sure you reach them.

If you are looking for a quality operation in BC Canada, then you should definitely consider trying Island Lake Lodge Catskiing, a name that has grown into a popular legend both locally and worldwide. Surrounded by an imposing chain of mountains and situated in the Lizard range of the BC Rockies, Island Lake Lodge Catskiing charms visitors with the abundance and perfect consistency of the snow found here. Island Lake has the merit of being one of the pioneering operations in the area, and is nowadays the largest snow cat skiing agency in British Columbia. Its services are renowned for the great capacity and sturdiness of its snow cat vehicles, as well as luxurious accommodation conditions. Clients have access to a fully equipped mountain lodge spa, hot tubs and a wide selection of fine wines. However, getting a taste of the impeccable services offered here doesn’t come very cheap, so expect rates for single day trips to rise at up to $ 400/day, with prices for three day inclusive tours starting at around $ 2700.

BC cat skiing on the picturesque and imposing crests of the Rockies should definitely be included on the priority list of every sold-out fan of skiing. Be warned though that practicing snow cat skiing in BC Canada can be very addictive, and sometimes one single powder skiing ride in pristine snowy territory can be just enough to get you hooked for life. As soon as you get the taste of snow cat skiing in the region, chances are you won’t be looking for any other skiing destinations for quite a while.

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Lake Tahoe Hotel

Would you like to plan a romantic getaway for your special someone and you? Many cities in the United States are perfect for romance, but one destination you will want to consider is Lake Tahoe, California.


A top destination of world travelers, Lake Tahoe is arguably one of the most beautiful spots on earth and is considered a popular vacation destination. At first glance, you might think that precludes the luxury and elegance that a great romantic destination requires, but the good news is that Lake Tahoe provides you with the best of both worlds. Whether you want to ski the slopes with your loved one during the day, or you want to snuggle together at night beside a roaring fire, Lake Tahoe may be just what you’re looking for. And when you’re considering hotels in Lake Tahoe CA, be sure to look at the Shore House at Lake Tahoe, perhaps the perfect romantic getaway when it comes to Lake Tahoe.

The Shore House Bed and Breakfast offers many different activities including professional massage, kayaking, lake cruising and much more. Each of their nine guest rooms offers its own special features and charms. In fact, one of their “rooms,” The Honeymoon Cottage, is a Lake Tahoe cabin located right on their waterfront. All of their rooms are ideal for a private getaway near the lake, complete with down comforters and featherbeds.

No matter the season, Lake Tahoe is a jewel of nature. Winter skiing and summer boating are obvious pluses, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. When planning a Lake Tahoe getaway, you’ll want to know just how many attractions and activities are possible. No matter how long you plan to stay, you won’t run out of things to do! You’ll only wish you could stay longer!


Every season offers a smorgasbord of activities to satisfy every appetite for fun. You can drive around the entire lake in every season but winter to find many spectacular views to capture on camera. All along the way, you’ll find activities you can’t resist.


There are horseback riding tours which take you high above the lake for views you’d never see from any other vantage point.


You can tour the lake by boat, with hourly departures from the south shore traveling to Emerald Bay, a cove on the west shore and home to the Emerald Bay Castle and Teahouse Island. The astonishingly clear water of Lake Tahoe is a feast for the eyes by itself.


For the winter traveler, a Lake Tahoe vacation is replete with skiing and snowshoeing possibilities. Even if you’ve never skied, there are so many ski areas that you’ll find one to suit you. Alpine Meadows and Northstar-at-Tahoe are great places to start. Heavenly Valley and Squaw Valley offer challenging runs for the experienced skier.


Your Lake Tahoe vacation will not be complete without visiting some of the hundreds of excellent restaurants lining the shore. Their lake views are breathtaking, and you can find menus ranging from pizza to gourmet. Take your pick!


When planning your romantic getaway, you’ll have to decide how many outside activities you’ll want to take in because the list is endless, and the Shore House staff will happily help you plan your vacation.


And you, too, may find yourself echoing the comments of past guests, like, “This is the way a bed and breakfast is supposed to be. Completely charming. Totally private rooms. Amazingly hospitable owners” and “My beautiful bride and I were married on Feb. 25th and stayed 2 nights at The Shore House for our honeymoon. WE LOVED the amenities, PERSONAL service, attention to detail, AND the freshly prepared gourmet breakfasts!!” and “After seeing all the positive reviews, we thought there must be a catch. There wasn’t…the place is just perfect and the best B&B at which we’ve ever stayed”


My best advice on planning your romantic Lake Tahoe getaway? You’ll definitely want to visit www.shorehouselaketahoe.com today to see why this charming Lake Tahoe Bed and Breakfast Inn is the preferred choice among North Lake Tahoe hotels.many satisfied guests.

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