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Boater’s Bliss: Hotels Near Toronto Harbour

The Harbour is one of the most unique locations in downtown Toronto. The Harbourfront Centre has a variety of entertainment options and attractions, from sailing and boat rentals to restaurants and shopping. You can even see live performances along the Toronto Harbour including concerts, dance performances, and even theater productions.
Perhaps you would like to take out a boat for the day, or maybe you simply like the idea of staying in a hotel that has gorgeous views of the water. Not only does this location provide you with interesting views, but it also puts you within close proximity to many attractions.
Greater Toronto area hotels offer you the advantage of being able to take advantage of some of the best that Toronto has to offer. If youve never been to Toronto before then youre in for a treat! A range of activities and attractions await you and you could spend weeks exploring the many museums, galleries, shopping centers, and entertainment venues. On the other hand, for those seasoned Toronto visitors, most people agree that they discover something new about the city each time they visit.
Hotels near the Toronto Harbour will put you close to some of the most interesting attractions in the city. Charter boats, tours, and visiting ships can be viewed at the marina while the Toronto Music Garden hosts outdoor performances throughout the year,
Toronto Harbour hotels also offer easy access for those wishing to take a romantic dinner cruise, sightsee along the waterfront, or even just go for a stroll along the waters edge.
Whether you are in town for a business meeting, an event, to visit a local college or university, or simply for a weekend away you will certainly enjoy staying near the Harbour. There are lots to see and explore in this area and youll definitely appreciate being close to some of the most fascinating restaurants, shops, and entertainment options in downtown Toronto.

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Cool Bliss Hotel Singapore images

A few nice Bliss Hotel Singapore images I found:

Sweet – Art – Bliss
Bliss Hotel Singapore
Image by Rajesh_India
Poetry in Confectionery & Bakery .
Creations at display at the "Asia Pastry Cup" -FHA 2012 in Singapore.

Like an oasis in the night…
Bliss Hotel Singapore
Image by mr brown
The lights of this 24-hour internet LAN gaming shop blinked and twinkled before us.
"Welcome to DOTA Land," the lights seemed to say.

We had spent the evening after dinner walking around our KL hotel at Bukit Bintang looking for one but the only LAN shops we found were the kind where they include foot reflexology and body massages, and other er, health services. I have never seen a street with so many strangers concerned for our health.

We had almost given up hope, because our meetings finished late and it was already past the closing time of most shops. Also, most people we asked could only direct us to the internet cafes with the semi-comatose PCs that only did email and had an old version of Explorer.

Then we stumbled on a late-closing toy store opposite Federal Hotel, and I asked the owner if by any chance there were any LAN shops nearby. I guess you have to ask the right people, because he was a wellspring of cyber-info. After boasting that there were at least 8 such shops near where he lived – which was nowhere near his shop – he said we could try the 24-hour AM/PM one at Plaza Lowyat. But don’t be fooled by the fact that all the shops were closed in that building, he said. Just ask the security guard there.

"Holy Shit! Monster kill! First blood! Ownage!" we said, as we scurried like creeps to find our base. And after wondering the forests of the Lowyat, there she was, our Secret Shop.

It was a clean and well-equipped shop too, expensive by Malaysian standards (RM4 an hour) but worth every sen. The only blip in our night of gaming bliss was this moron kid next to me, who decided that it would be fierce to play DOTA while blasting Kelly Clarkson(!) at full volume. But after I jacked up my PC’s volume and blasted "Holy Shit!" and "I am the Law!" into his ears, he got the hint and voted to play without his American Idol and lowered his volume.

Good for him. Wait I blink strike him then he know. Never piss off a group of guys feeding their DOTA withdrawal in a foreign land.