Calculators and Carpenters

Calculators are one of those “tools” you might not imagine being on your handyman shelf. But you’ll be surprised just how useful it can be sometimes. Say you’re building a room with walls, floor, and roof – the whole works. And you’re at the wall phase and are at the point when you need to add diagonal bracing.

How can you find out how long your diagonal bracing needs to be?

Being that you just made your actual wall, you obviously know how high it is. Say it’s 4 meters high. And I suppose we all know that a 45 degree angle is the strongest angle for diagonal bracing right? So how long does a bracing board stretching from a top corner of your wall to the wall base at a 45 degree angle, need to be? Obviously, if your wall is 4 meters high, the base point of your diagonal bracing needs to be 4 meters to the side of the bottom wall corner so as to make a 45 degree angle.

The Pythagorean Theorem

Now comes the fun part! Perhaps we’ve all learned the famed Pythagorean theorem in school. Well, this is what we’re going to use to find out how long your diagonal bracing needs to be. So to brush up on the equation: a2+b2=c2. In other words, a and b are the 2 adjacent legs to the right angle of your triangle – which in your case is the bottom corner of your room. These 2 adjacent legs should be the same length – 4 meters. Sooo, a and b are both 4 meters, which translates to: 42+42 is equal to the square of your diagonal bracing (c2)! – Hint: Find the square root of 32!

In short, your diagonal bracing should be roughly 5656 mm long. For you to be able to do this equation fast, it’s important that your calculator has the “square root” function on it. Without it, the process is a bit more time-consuming – albeit still doable. So as you can see, you can use this little piece of circuitry called a calculator to accomplish this and many more equations, ranging from simple to difficult. It can save you a pretty major headache – especially if math wasn’t one of your favorite subjects!

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Fragrance of the Garden

The western garden can be filled with fragrance in June – fragrance with all the mystery and appeal of the most expensive “bottled” perfumes… if you select the right shrubs and vines. So, why not have the real thing growing in your garden?

Not all fragrances are “feminine,” According to the experts, men like the fragrance of roses. Practically everyone in the family goes for the fruity fragrance of shade-loving banana-shrub, Michelia fuscata, and of Meyer Lemon blooms. These lemons are 6-foot sun loving shrubs, loaded with clusters of bloom which eventually turn into juicy, golden-orange lemons.

Another old favorite is Bouvardia humboldtii. It makes a grand shrub 2 to 3 feet tall and the large tubular white flowers are intensely sweet. Brunfelsia calycina, especially the variety fioribunda, is one of the best evergreen shrubs of medium height. It has rich violet flowers which fade to almost white. Many California plantsmen, recommend this Brazilian shrub highly.

With the exception of the exotic magnolias there are not many fragrant flowering trees and it is not easy to select small evergreen shade trees but here is one which is both… the lily-of-the-valley tree, Clethra arborea. It is a compact 20-foot grower and an evergreen which loads itself in late summer with clusters of little white, cup shaped, intensely-fragrant blooms which resemble real lily-of-the-valley blooms. The Australian tree, Hymenosporum flavum, is also low-growing yet loaded with hundreds of creamy-yellow fragrant blooms.

Look into the idea of fragrance more fully. Explore your neighborhood nurseries. June is a good time to set out shrubs and vines.

Gladiolus are most satisfactory for both beginners and experienced gardeners. For a succession of bloom all you have to do is to plant some corms every two or three weeks up to mid-July. Begin at once. Although not at all fussy about soil, gladiolus do best in a rich, fairly sandy loam.

For the cut flower garden the corms should be planted 3 to 4 inches deep and 4 to 6 inches apart in staggered rows. This staggering will enable the plants to support each other in case of strong wind or heavy rain. The rows should be 2 feet apart to allow for easy irrigation and cultivation. For landscape effect they should be planted in groups of six to a dozen.

Dig in a little bonemeal or a good complete fertilizer 2 inches below where the corms will be set. Gladiolus should also be given a light liquid feeding two or three times during the growing season.

Gladiolus require plenty of moisture in this part of q the country and should be irrigated copiously. First, though, be sure that you have good moisture content in the soil at the time of planting. Thrips are no longer the menace they once were. Malathion sprays quickly rout them.

Pinch off all faded blooms from rhododendrons to prevent the formation of seed pods. This conserves the plant’s strength and helps promote sturdy new growth.

Tuberous Begonias are rapidly becoming one of the most popular flowers today. This is especially true in the Far West. Supply lots of moisture and plant in a loose, friable soil somewhat on the acid side. Feed once a month. Don’t be afraid to cut plenty of flowers. Begonias are heavy producers.

Plants for special places in western gardens: For partial shade use lobelias, fibrous-rooted begonias, larkspur, alyssum, cornflowers, pansies, candytuft, lupine, petunias, asters, snapdragons and primulas.

For full sun substitute marigolds, petunias, zinnias, gazanias, verbenas, coral-bells, stocks, cosmos, chrysanthemums, ageratum, larkspur, salvia, scabiosas, sunflowers, coreopsis, dahlias, delphiniums, gerberas or poppies.

In deep shade try forget-me-nots, cinerarias, columbine, ferns, blue hydrangea tuberous begonias and violets. Low edgings are successful with alyssum, English daisies, pinks, lobelias, forget-me-nots, ageratum, fibrous begonias, primulas, pansies and violas.

Ground covers: there are campanulas, ajuga, mesembryanthemums, verbenas, gazanias and alyssum. For window boxes use alyssum, nasturtiums, ageratum, candytuft, pansies, violas, balcony petunias, verbenas and ivy geraniums.

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Surrounded by the South China Sea on the east, south, and west, Hong Kong has a humid subtropical climate, which borders on temperate for nearly half the year.  Hong Kong weather is known for its unpredictability and variation, and the weather here is impacted by tropical cyclones, strong winter monsoon winds, black rains and thunderstorms. Despite having a sub-tropical climate, the city experiences the four distinct seasons of summer, autumn, winter and spring.

Summer in Hong Kong starts around the month of June and continues till August. These months are characterized by hot and humid weather with occasional showers and thunderstorms. Hong Kong is frequently hit by typhoons during the summer months, which at times lead to floods and landslides.

Temperatures during the summer season usually exceed 30° Celsius during the day, and nights are also quite warm with an average minimum temperature of 26° Celsius. The climate during the summer months is quite unpredictable and moves between hot and humid to sunny and bright. August receives the highest average rainfall.

The autumn season arrives by September and continues till the middle of December. During this season the weather is quite pleasant. The humidity and temperature is comparatively low during this time and the weather remains sunny and clear. The average temperature during the autumn season is around 20-27° Celsius. Rainfall during this time is not as frequent as during the monsoons. This is the best time to visit Hong Kong and hotels in Hong Kong remain packed during this season.

The winter season in Hong Kong prevails between mid-December to February. Hong Kong winter is mild with temperatures hovering between 15° Celsius and 20° Celsius. This season is marked by clear skies, low humidity and sunny days with a cool breeze. However, the winter which starts sunny in December gradually becomes cloudier towards February, with the occasional cold winds blowing from the north. The northeast winter monsoons bring frequent cold winds which can cause the temperature to dip below 10° Celsius. Rainfall is not frequent during the winter months and receives an average rainfall of a mere 30-40 mm.

During the months of March to May, Hong Kong experiences the spring season, which is characterized by warmer and more humid weather. The average temperature during this time ranges between 18° Celsius and 27° Celsius. Spring is the cloudiest time of the year in Hong Kong, and there is a substantial increase in rainfall around the month of April. The weather during this season is unstable and experiences a combination of warm days with clear blue skies and heavy black rain. Hong Kong receives an average of 90-120 mm rainfall through the season.

The best time to visit Hong Kong is during the autumn months of September to December. Hong Kong Hotels remain busy during this time and tourists often book hotels in advance to ensure ease of travel.


















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Stay For Less At Amsterdam Hostels

There are times in your life when you just need to get away from it all. For times like those, Amsterdam is the place to be. However, like many people, you may be a little strapped for cash. You should not let that stop you from visiting and enjoying Amsterdam, especially when you can both save money and sleep comfortably in Amsterdam hostels.

Prices have never been better at european hostels, including amsterdam hostels, and amenities never more luxurious, than right now. Many hostels in Amsterdam allow you to pay for your stay by using credit cards. This is very handy when you are traveling, because it keeps you from having to have cash in a certain denomination on hand, especially if you are traveling in several different countries that use different currencies.

Amsterdam hostels offer accommodations for private or shared rooms, with a greater savings typically coming from using comfortable shared rooms, which can start around seventeen US dollars a night. Private rooms at hostels in Amsterdam are also reasonably priced as well, starting around thirty-five euros, or forty-five US dollars per night. Lest you think that these hostels in Amsterdam are bare bones for these types of prices, you might be pleasantly surprised. Many offer their own in-house restaurants and bars for your convenience. Twenty-four hour reception service as well as luggage storage and private lockers are all routinely available at these hostels. Amsterdam hostelries also often are wheelchair accessible and have elevator access as well. Many Amsterdam hostels offer laundry facilities as well as kitchens and refrigerators, so if you wish you can cook some of your own meals to save even more. You can look online to find out if there is a specific group of people to which hostels in Amsterdam might cater. Sometimes children are invited to be guests at hostels.

Amsterdam visitors might also be looking for group accommodations, and this type of service is usually outlined on the European hostel’s website. There are many fun ways to travel while staying at one of these wonderful hostels. amsterdam is full of canals and waterways, so it can be fun to travel by boat. Many hostels offer bicycles that you can rent, so it is very easy to take off anytime you desire and see the city slowly, savoring it. By staying at hostels in Amsterdam, you can save money on your accommodations without sacrificing comfort in order to be able to spend it on seeing the magnificent sights of this glorious city.

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