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New Hotels in Hyde Park London

Frequent visitors to the city of London may or may not have stayed in the trendy part of Central London depending upon what their budgets have been in the past but whether you have stayed in or just visited this area, the new and refurbished Hyde Park Hotels in London will be a revelation to you.

Hyde Park is probably one of the most fashionable districts in the entire world that can boast more high end designer stores per square kilometre than any other place anywhere else in the globe. If you are looking for great shopping, Hyde Park and its adjoining areas can give any high street in any fashion capital of the world a run for its money. But shopping is not all that Hyde Park or the hotels in the area are good for. Hyde park and Kensington gardens are only a short stroll away through some of the prettiest parts of a beautiful city and so is Paddington Station and by extension most sight seeing and even business destinations in the city. The Big Ben, The London Eye, Notting Hill and many other world famous sights and destinations are just a few stops away by tube. If you are still in the mood to shop more, Oxford street and Regent Street are also literally next door.

Accessibility is also not a problem. Heathrow airport is just a train ride away on the London Underground system. But enough about the location which though excellent, is not the only thing these Hyde Park Hotels London have to offer. Business travellers from the United Kingdom as well as mainland Europe and even the United States need not fret as the hotels provide world travel adaptors on demand. Need constant access to the internet? Once again, you do not need to worry as not only do all these locations provide round the clock broadband access in rooms and common areas in the hotels it is also completely free. You do not need to pay ridiculous daily rates for internet access any more.

Amenities, rooms and service are also top of the line in every way possible. Fresh flowers in the rooms, laundry and dry cleaning services and a complimentary full English breakfast are part of the deal on all rooms no matter what the size or tariff. Also on the topic of tariffs these hotels have some very aggressive pricing and you can get even better deals and discounts if you book on the internet.

So book your rooms at Hyde Park Hotels London online at

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Hongkong and Macau

Hi there,

Recently for a customer meet, I had the privelege to visit Hongkong and Macau.

Left on 26th Septemeber by IT evening flight. 805 next day was the arrival.

Must appreciate the services of IT on board and their punctual departure and arrival. Had a lovely time on board.

Since I had exams on following Sunday had taken my book to read on the flight. I normally dont sleep when I am touring. And especially when i am touring alone, I am extra careful.

Spent the sunday happily with my fiance. Evening he came to drop me at the international airport. In my mind, I never ever wanted to leave him and go. He dropped me and with sadness I came inside. I was also sad coz I was to miss his birthday. The first birthday after I came in his life and I was not going to be there.

I was standing for my boarding pass till a loud call from a bunch of gentlemen came. I was quick to recognise they were our customers. I happily greeted them and bypassed the fellow passengers to be in the group.

Till I boarded the flight, I was updating my family and fiance on my movements.

Next day I landed in Hongkong. The airport built is huge and beautiful. The landing seems to be in sea until you spot you are safe landing on the run way.

We landed and took a train to get out of the airport. There are 82 terminals and you have a train connecting every 2 mins. Beautiful!!!

We met our tour operator who also sold us the hongkong dollars and sim card.

I was desperate to hear the voice of my people so smsed them but got no reply.

We moved to the ferry terminal clearing the immigration and took a ferry to macau.

We reached and had a short city tour in Macau. A place so tiny not even to be seen on the world map but designed so beautifully and minting revenues amazingly. Unbelievable!!

Came across Golden Lotus which the Chinese Government had gifted Macau on being an independent country, Fisherman’s Wharf and lot many casinos.

We had our customer meeting for 2 days. Enjoyed dinner on the 60th floor of Macau tower which revolved 360 degree in 180 mins. Beautiful!!! At night each building is different with beautiful lightings. Looks awesome!! Fairy land.

On the 3rd day we came to Hongkong by a ferry. It takes around 2.5 hours in the Ferry. In Hongkong we had dinner on cruise with live band performing.

The laser show was a bit disappointing but in my mind I was happy the next day I would return to my Incredible India and meet all my Angels again.

Next day in Hongkong we went to Pier Peak which resembles to half moon. From the top you get a beautiful panaromic view.

Followed by visit to Stanley Market where you have the export rejections at cheap prices which you can further negotiate.

Our tour operator was good. He told us about the Feng Shui that the chinese believe in. They always exercise or practice (Tai Chi – Its like our Yoga) when there is sun shine so the natural power can be benefitted from. When its rainy they stay indoors and dont exercise at all.

Also he showed us the Insurance building whose windows were of the shape of a coffin. He said these are specifically designed to derive natural powers from the crematorium that it faced.

We also went to a posh area in Hongkong where 1 sq km is available for HK$ 100,000. Only real estate players and bankers can afford it.

We hurried up to the airport. Searching for a nice restaurant we spotted one. I shotted loudly when i saw samosas and Okra masala (Bhendi / Lady finger is called Okra). We ordered it and had a sumptous lunch.

Some customers halted for shopping chocolates which led us to almost missing flight.

We ran to catch the flight and were just in time. I had thought of studying in flight but was very eager and dying to come back to my Superb place my India – the best in the world.

Watched Devdas (new one) – my favorite movie, Gumnam and Atithi kab jaoge on flight.

When I landed I was so happy. Rushed to meet my fiance and inlaws and returned home to meet my family

All in all great time!!