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Developers Eye Red Line Plot for Chinatown Hotel

Developers Eye Red Line Plot for Chinatown Hotel
CHINATOWN — A Chinese investment group is looking to build a five-story hotel adjacent to the neighborhood's CTA Red Line stop. Records show a company called Sheng Man De LLC last month applied for a zoning change with the city that would pave the …
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Chinatown Hotel Plans Delayed Due to Weather
CHINATOWN — Construction on a long-planned hotel and retail development has been delayed again. Developers say the harsh winter is to blame for construction delays at the half-finished building at the corner of Cermak Road and Archer and Princeton …
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Nokia N81 Mobile Price And Features

Nokia mobile has launches many series in the market like E series, C series, N series and etc. The most popular series from Nokia mobile is N series. The high end mobile phones of N series are gaining fame in the Indian mobile market. These N series mobile phones take mobile entertainment to a new level and also changed the definition of mobile entertainment. All handsets are running successfully and Nokia has proved it again by releasing its great mobile phone in the same series i.e. Nokia n81 mobile

Nokia n81 mobile phone is a most enjoyable phone and surely appreciates by the game lovers and music lovers. The display of the phone is quite small in size of 2.4 inches with Touch sensitive Navi wheel. The phone carries Stereo FM radio, 3.5 mm audio output jack and 12 MB of in built memory and can be expandable up to 8 GB with microSD card and 2 GB card is included. So user can store a maximum contact details in phonebook as well as a long list of its favorite songs and videos.

Everyone wants to capture the beautiful moments of life and always want to keep with them. Nokia n81 mobile phone has 2 mega pixel camera with good quality of image. The device also offers fast and advances Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, GPRS and Java games. With these options user can share or exchange the files with their friends and easily transfer it to the computers / Laptops. The user can get a talk time battery backup up to 4 hours and 410 hours up to stand by time. Nokia n81 mobile phone is available in two colors such as Cobalt blue, Graphite grey. Nokia n81 mobile price in India is around Rs. 13, 913.

Overall the Nokia n81 mobile phone is good for personal as well as business purposes. It is higher end mobile phone from the N series of Nokia mobile. It carries almost all entertaining specifications and really fulfills the demand of games and music lovers. The screen is small in size but its graphic appearance is so impressive and striking which gives the user different sensation.

To know more about the best Nokia mobile phones with updated Nokia mobile price list you can log on to various online mobile stores and also easily buy the mobile phone of your choice in a worth price.

Singapore’s Chinatown ? for an Authentic Singaporean Experience

Singapore boasts the most unusual blend of ethnicities and a culture to portray it. From shopping to sightseeing and savouring its unique gastronomy to exploring its wonderful sights, Singapore definitely offers its visitors a truly enjoyable experience.


For most it’s the shopping and touring aspect that’s most appealing, especially the idea of walking through and exploring streets laden with local fare and a culture. Some of the most sought after tourists haunts in Singapore includes Orchard Road and Chinatown.


To best savour authentic Singapore head down to Chinatown. As in most other ‘Chinatowns’ in Southeast Asian cities, Chinatown in Singapore city is always bustling with activity and one may even say that the bona fide local flavour is concentrated in this area. Buddhist temples, colourfully decorated streets lined with small shops offering visitors all imaginable knick-knacks, antiques, authentic Chinese food can be found. The area is assured to captivate all tourists with the colours, sounds, sights and aromas all depicting Singapore.


The main part of Chinatown, which is the area between Smith Street and Pagoda Street, is the place for a glimpse of the past as well as for shopping.  Some of the attractions here include famous Buddhist and Hindu temples and mosques. Singapore’s Chinatown also extends well beyond the traditional and original Chinese quarters. For tourists daring to explore beyond the old world charm, Chinatown also offers an exotic Singaporean experience. Tanjong Pagar and Club Street offer a unique blend of east and west – restaurants, cafes, tea houses and wine bars – a place to relax, eat, drink and enjoy life.


Most tourists to Singapore prefer to be located closer to the excitement the city has to offer. Boasting a range of hotels, Singaporeoffers choice accommodation to its visitors and caters to all types of tourists. Be it an old fashioned or chic hotel, Singaporeis sure to have the type of accommodation you are looking for. If Chinatown tops the travel agenda try the M Hotel Singapore, located in the heart of the Financial District the hotel affords easy access to Chinatown as well as other shopping and entertainment areas of Singapore.

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Singapore has a tropical rain forest climate and enjoys a uniform climate throughout the year. Due to its close proximity to the equator, Singapore does not experience any major variations in the weather and temperature, except for mild fluctuations. The main features of its climate are uniform temperature and pressure, high humidity and abundant rainfall throughout the year.

The geographical location and the closeness to the sea greatly influence the climatic conditions of Singapore. Due to the uniform weather, Singapore welcomes tourists almost throughout the year and there are a range of hotels in Singapore catering to every type of visitor, offering the best of hotel deals.

Singapore has basically two seasons – the summer season and the monsoon season. The average temperature in Singapore ranges between 22° Celsius to 34° Celsius (71.6°F to 93.2°F), with the minimum temperature ranging between 22° Celsius to 26° Celsius and the maximum temperature ranging between 31° Celsius to 34° Celsius. The average relative humidity is around 90 percent in the morning and 60 percent during the daytime. However, during the prolonged rainy season, the humidity goes up to 100 percent. The average annual rainfall is around 2,370 mm.

Though the climate here is uniform almost throughout the year, the months of May and June are the hottest, and are considered the main summer months. The weather remains bright and sunny with light winds, and the daytime temperatures soar. During this time the weather is comparatively drier than the monsoon months, and the humidity is comparatively less.

Singapore experiences monsoons twice a year. The northeast monsoon occurs during the months of December to early March, and is brought on by the northeast winds. During this time, the weather remains cloudy with frequent afternoon showers. Prolonged rainfalls lasting for one to three days at a stretch are common during this time. November and December are the wettest months in Singapore. Afternoon thunderstorms are a frequent occurrence in Singapore, and April sees the maximum thunderstorms.

Singapore welcomes the monsoon a second time during the months of June to September. This is the southwest monsoon season brought on by the southern winds, and this period is characterized by scattered showers during the late mornings and early afternoons. The western side of Singapore experiences greater rainfall than the eastern part, owing to a rain shadow effect.

There is no distinct winter months in Singapore though the monsoon months are cooler than the summer months.

Due to its weather which remains almost constant throughout the year, there is no specific season for tourists to visit Singapore. In fact, tourists throng the place during all the months, though the drier months are best to move around and explore the place. Accommodation is not a problem in Singapore, and hotels offer services taking into account the different types of tourists who visit. One can book Singapore hotels easily from across the world, be it online or though travel agents or airlines.








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Three for the Road: Palo Alto, Guerneville, and Carlsbad

Three for the Road: Palo Alto, Guerneville, and Carlsbad
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New chefs spicing up older restaurants
The former chef's Southern-inspired menu has been replaced with Lingle's more classics-style menu that's supplemented with local flavors and international dishes from the Mediterranean and Pacific Rim. Lingle's 23 years in the hotel/resort industry …
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