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Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport – Richmond, British Columbia

Hotel and Resort photography & video by PhotoWeb ( The Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport is a deluxe, award-winning conference hotel near Vanc…

Gaming session 6 (pt. 4 of 6): Night 2: Elizabeth Dane and Downtown – Elizabeth Dane (yes, I know, I told the computer “deck cams OFF” instead of “deck cams …
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Is Hotel Royal in Macau a good place to stay in?

Question by 4theFam: Is Hotel Royal in Macau a good place to stay in?
I want to reserve a good hotel in Macau on the New Year 2009. Can you please suggest to me a good one. I’m thinking of Hotel Royal is ok.

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Answer by Nusantara

When in Macau, i stayed at Metropole Hotel. Not a good hotel, but the site was convinient.
Its close to night attraction arround the Rua da Senodado. Plenty of buses to hitch to go around but mainly to Ferry terminal.
And from the other two bridges connected to Taipa island, I thought that the central bridges was the most beautiful site.

So, because of that reason above I sugest the hotel near my choice of hotel. That include Sintra and Lisboa hotel. From the map, I see that Royal hotel was nearer to the ferry station but not to the Rua da Senodado, where I think the new years eve main attraction would be.


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