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Why 'yummy' is rude and other lessons from a Vietnamese cooking class in Hoi

Why 'yummy' is rude and other lessons from a Vietnamese cooking class in Hoi
Pointing out the likes of sawtooth coriander, morning glory and Asian basil, she plucks various leaves, releases their fragrance by gently crushing them between her fingers and thumb, then holds them out for us to smell. Some smell fishy, some smell …
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Orchid Society meeting January 9
“Catasetinae – Tropical Stars of the Orchid World” will be presented at the January meeting of the Riverside/San Bernardino Counties Orchid Society Jan. 9 starting at 7:30 p.m. at the San Bernardino County Museum, 2024 Orange Tree Lane in Redlands.
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Q&A: What are advantages can I take from this bad economy?

Hotel 1929
by www78

Question by ciudadpujato: What are advantages can I take from this bad economy?
For example a friend of mine told me that this is the time to buy real state, cause eventualy the economy is going to get better.But i dont see any promotions for flights, hotels, food, etcs everything seems to be the same price or higher… Someone share with me some tips

Best answer:

Answer by econo2010
well, the market is not near its bottom yet. You can profit from the economic meltdown by purchasing commodities, properties, etc. The thing is timing. The depression of 1929 had a few profiteers. JP Morgan, Rockafellers. They bought all those companies for pennies on the dollar, once the stock crashed. Just wait until the market bottoms, and new signs of recovery to signal the shopping spreed. You might want to be really extremely careful. this is not easy as your friend makes it sound like. He is right, bu at the same time really foolish. You just dont buy real state specially now. The housing prices are going to drop still, dont be stupid and do some research on your own. Dont let another guy tell you what to do – especially with finances

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Is it good to stay in Fragrance Hotel – Emerald?

Question by smiley_honey825: Is it good to stay in Fragrance Hotel – Emerald?
Hi all,
My family and I are planning to have a vacation in Singapore for 4D/3N. We’re planning to stay in Fragrance Hotel – Emerald. Any comments/advice in this hotel?

Thanks a lot!

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Answer by eTour Singapore
Fragrance Hotel Emerald is smack in the middle of the red light district, my dear. Hotels with EVEN street number in Geylang Singapore are in the red light district.

It’s true that the ladies are harmless, but it does mean that they will be hovering around your hotel hoping to get business.

The area however has an incredible range of eateries and fruit stalls. And many Singaporeans come here for the food.

For something in the same budget, you may also consider the friendly New 7th Storey Hotel –

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Railway boosts economic growth in Tibet

Railway boosts economic growth in Tibet
The autonomous region received 1.8 million tourists from home and abroad in 2005, one year ahead of the opening of the landmark rail link, while it received 12.9 million tourists in 2013, according to the regional tourism bureau. Tourism … He opened …
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The ultimate 2014 travel bucket list
they say (complete with breathlessly enthusiastic exclamation mark). An eight-day 'All American Eastern Experience' features stops including Niagara Falls, Hershey and Washington DC from €1,859pp. The price includes hotels, tours, half-board, guides …
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