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Chennai Beach Resort

Want an absolutely astounding combination of the sun, sand and the sea down in the south? Or how about spending some quality time with friends, family and loved ones in a quiet little nook adjacent to the sea, away from the bustling traffic and business of Chennai?

Well, whatever be your requirements, Chennai Beach Resorts presents the perfect opportunity for tourists to unwind, relax and just soak up the sun. Offering great, scenic surroundings, excellent amenities and international-ranked comforts and luxuries, the Chennai beach resorts have been the primary choice of the discerning holiday-maker.

In Chennai, the beach resorts, although ranked nearly in the same tiers as the other five-star hotels, preserve their own exclusivity and distinctive identity. Unlike the centralized city locations, resorts like the Golden Sun and Beach resort, MGM Eastwoods, and the Quality Inn resorts take the tourist away into a secluded holiday world.

Amenity-wise, these resorts are top-notch, offering varied options like extremely good multicuisine restaurants, prompt room services, opulent rooms and even the now-mandatory conference halls and swimming areas. Some resorts also have special family lounges, libraries and playhouses to keep your little ones occupied.

Many Chennai Beach resorts conduct complete sight-seeing tours of their own, and some even have private access to their own parts of the beach. Watch as the wonder of gently undulating water waves, slim palm trees and verdant gardens slowly make your weekend in these beach resorts.

Often, many beach resorts in Chennai host awesome theme nights that celebrate the local cuisines, traditions and culture. Especially popular are the different experimentations with the tangy south-Indian food that remains a permanent favorite with Indians all over the world.

Most Chennai beach resorts also have provisions for services like spas, wellness-centers and yoga centers, message therapies and exercise sessions to help tourists de-stress and unwind.

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Are Korean Town, little Tokyo and Thai Town all close to Chinatown near Olvera street, LA?

Question by 菲歌: Are Korean Town, little Tokyo and Thai Town all close to Chinatown near Olvera street, LA?
What about Little India and Little Saigon? Are they close to Chinatown too? Is one day enought for sightseeing in all those places?

Is Queen Mary in Long Beach? Where is Walt Disney Concert Hall? If I take 720 from downtown, what scenic spots it will take me to? Again, is one day enough? I guess Santa Monica Pier alone will take one day? Thanks a lot.:)

Best answer:

Answer by Lee
The only places that are close to what you mentioned is Chinatown, Olvera Street, and the Disney concert Hall, which is in the center of Downtown. The others are blocks away from each other on the Eastern end. Thai town is in East Hollywood, not far by car. Really nothing much to see there, but there are a lot of great little authentic thai restaurants around there. Cheap too.

The Queen Mary is in long Beach. Not far from the Village, lot’s of shops and restaurants. All of these places are time consuming. Do them at different times, or you’ll spend all of your time in traffic.

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Which of the foll hotels is best to stay at: Grand Copthorne Waterfront,Hotel Phoenix or RoyalPlaza on Scotts?

Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel
by edskjb

Question by Miah: Which of the foll hotels is best to stay at: Grand Copthorne Waterfront,Hotel Phoenix or RoyalPlaza on Scotts?
My husband and I are spending 4 days in Singapore in August, and it will be his first time to see Singapore.
My choices must be based on getting the worth from the room price, proximity to the shops and MTR, and clean/nice rooms ,and amenities. A fun restaurant and bar would be a plus! Would appreciate your help please! Thank you. 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by imdashti
Royal Plaza on Scotts, according to reviews on

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Hotel hunters – Singapore – Studio M hotel

Hotel hunters - Singapore - Studio M hotel

It is a very new and great design hotel by Piero Lissoni the famous Italian designer . Generally the living quality in this hotel is so far one of the best h…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Recently stayed here for business and pleasantly surprised by its ambiance, service and edgy design. For those who can appreciate small and functional spaces…


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What hotel in Chicago has a suite that could hold 10 people?

Question by Grace: What hotel in Chicago has a suite that could hold 10 people?
I am planning a bachelorette party in Chicago and the party will most likely be 10 or more people. I was looking for a hotel that might have a presidential suite or penthouse suite or something so that we could just book one room instead of having multiple separate rooms. Does anyone know of any good ones that aren’t ridiculously expensive in Chicago? Preferably closer to the downtown area so that we could walk to places.

Best answer:

Answer by Marianna
Trump Towers. It is expensive there, but downtown Chicago a whole is expensive. It’s on Wabash where all the “rich” people are.

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Latex Mattress Facts and Fancies81

Will certainly the Latex Mattress be Your current Choice, Far too?
Inevitably nowadays, when there exists a vast choice of mattresses of different types, it becomes tougher for consumers to make any decision on which mattress would likely suite them, if they should necessarily with the particular latex mattress. Most individuals wishes to possess a good sleep from nighttime to night. Thus los angeles injury attorney every one of us needs to buy a mattress after proper research and thought.

Latex Bed for RV, Lounge, and also Bedroom
For starters you need to state exactly what you want, then you’ll find the mattress meeting all your demands. Chiefly, depending upon your requirement you must have a RV mattress, truck mattress or a sleeper sofa mattress. Definately that irrespective of the type of mattress you want, you’ll definitely are interested to be comfortable, including a latex mattress fits the bill best.

Types and Durability on the Latex Mattress
Basically, the latex mattresses available may be of two types: one is natural and the other you are synthetic. These days, let’s dwell upon positives and negatives of these two types. Let’s think upon natural latex mattress earliest. No doubt natural latex mattresses are finer in quality and comfort all around health are made from natural merchandise of rubber trees.

Another pro with the natural latex mattress is that it’s very durable. What is more, they can be a good choice for people struggling with backache, allergies or those having sensitive dermis. Another important detail is such mattresses are hypoallergenic in nature as they can’t contain allergy producing irritants.

Really, this mattresses is really wonderful, all around health also have breathable aspect that’s commendable. Change anything if it’s winter or summer outside the house, you can still sleep comfortably on a person’s latex natural mattress. Also, while sleeping on such mattresses you are going to feel warm during the wintry season and relaxingly cool by carrying out a hot day.

Latex Mattress mattress Firmness
Another plus is that you can specify the amount of firmness you choose. Take care in order not to decide on the latex mattress with loss of support, or maybe too soft. You won’t use a good sleep on such your mattress. In fact the mattress is required to be compact enough to give better support to your body while sleeping on that.

The particular Synthetic Latex Mattress
Why don’t we discuss synthetic latex mattress. Basically, that is a type of mattress made from natural latex via a chemical process using petroleum-based supplies. This sort of latex mattress is slightly stiffer than a natural one. It is best to understand that synthetic latex or perhaps syntex in common terms mimics the functions of the real latex bed but with many of the missing appeals of natural latex. Though synthetic latex offers the same resilient comfort, still, since it is made up of chemicals and synthetic contents, it is not hypoallergenic. Here means that it is not recommended if you are suffering from chemical allergies to purchase this mattress. In truth, something unpleasant relating to this mattress is that it’s not necessarily biodegradable and sustainable, unlike a true natural 100% latex bed.

Stay with the Natural Latex Mattress
Relating to synthetic latex mattresses I cannot but mention actually not more durable then normal ones. As a final point, some consumers say that they’re bouncier than natural ones. Within the nutshell, buying latex mattresses you do not go wrong in terms of comfort. Regardless of type of mattresses you’ve chose to buy, it must be a good quality mattress. It can be Undoubtable that the quality latex mattress mattress is a secret behind a good night sleep including a good health.

Maxdon is a professional China Mattress Manufacturer who specialized in Memory Foam Mattress, Latex Mattress